Arrival in Vegas for New Communications Forum

After my flight was delayed leaving from Reagan National, I arrived late last night into MaCarran International Airport feeling exhausted. I headed over to my hotel, the Luxor, and after wandering around for about fifteen minutes, finally found the reception desk. After another fifteen-minute walk to my hotel room, I finally arrived and plopped my bags down. I suddenly realized I had not eaten for about ten hours so I headed down to the lobby and bought myself a sandwich, bottle of water, and a shaving razor – all for the low price of about $18.50. I then headed back up to my hotel room and got ready for bed.

This is my first trip to Vegas, and hear are a few of my initial reactions:

  1. Vegas is ridiculously expensive – I’ve been to Monaco and been charged 22 euros for a Heineken at the ultra-hip Jimmy’z. I’m fine with that. What I’m not fine with is paying $18 for a turkey melt, a soda, and a bottle of water at the deli inside of the smoke-filled Luxor casino.
  2. I wish the hotel swimming pool wasn’t blaring Britney Spears outside of my window – There is nothing like trying to do work in your hotel room and being forced to listen to top-40 hits from five years ago.
  3. Vegas is cheesy – I am staying in a hotel that is intended to mirror a large pyramid. Next to me, is the Excalibur. As their tag-line reads, “Looking for a Las Vegas hotel that’s fun, not fancy? Then you belong in a Castle – Excalibur, where you rule.” Need I say more?
  4. Okay, we get it, you don’t want us to know what time it is so we gamble for longer – I haven’t seen the sun all day. I’m not even 100% sure how I get out of the hotel. Every time I try, I feel like Link in the Lost Woods after ending up at the same Carrot Top advertisement for the fifth time. Speaking of Carrot Top…
  5. Vegas is not really that cool – Granted, I don’t gamble, am apathatic to live shows, and generally dislike strip clubs, so to begin with, Vegas is probably not the place for me. That being said, I’ve seen Carrot Top on about ten different advertisements around the Luxor. Automatically, that precludes not only the hotel, but the city, from being very cool. I also have the constant and uneasy feeling that I am walking around in a cheap movie set and at some point I’m going to lean my hand on the wall and the entire structure is going to fall over.

Okay, I’ve got it off my chest. Now time to head off to the New Communications Forum advisory board meetings…more updates to come later.



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  1. tamara
    on March 8, 2007 #

    vegas is only fun when you are with friends and you have nothing else to do but to gamble and walk down the strip drinking yardlong margaritas at noon.

    remember how in the flintstones when fred would run and the background in his house would repeat itself over and over and over? you are fred.

    take away the smoke and britney spears, add palm trees and jack johnson, change The Excalibur to Outrigger, welcome to hawaii.

    you are halfway here. come visit already!

  2. Ether Breather
    on March 8, 2007 #

    Yes, I’m starting to realize that…

    Although, I have to say that during the latter half of yesterday, my perspective of the place rosied a bit after visiting the Venetian, which is pretty nice.

    Anyway, I’m going to be writing about it later on today!