Special Discounts for NewComm Forum 2010

Every year there is one conference that I will go to regardless of whether or not I’m speaking or presenting there and that is the Newcomm Forum.

Simply put, the event draws in some of the most forward-thinking professionals and academics in communications for several days of presentations, discussions and social events.

It’s sort of like my annual social media pilgrimage to the Valley and I always come away feeling refreshed and full of ideas on how we should implement social media into our program.

This year, they are throwing out a few special offers that I wanted to share and for $395, people can visit for just one of the days to see experts and practitioners from leading companies speak in a variety of topics.  Here is a sampling of sessions that will take place at the event:

  • Social CRM
  • Markets are Conversations: From Theory to Practice
  • Understanding the New Media Landscape
  • NewComm Essentials

Keynoters include:

  • Jackie Huba, online marketing expert and author
  • Dave Carroll, singer/songwriter, “United Breaks Guitars”
  • Scott Monty, Ford
  • Jack Holt, US Dept. of Defense
  • Tim Westergren, Pandora
  • Neville Hobson, WeissComm

For more details, visit http://www.newcommforum.com/Social-Media-Workshops.

If you use discount code NCFW100 you can save $100 on a pre-conference workshop or you can receive a 1/2-day session for $195.

Or, if you want to register for the full conference at www.newcommforum.com you can use discount code NCF500 to save $500 off the full conference fee.



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  1. on April 3, 2010 #

    I totally agree. I love this conference and feel it is worth every penny i spend to attend and get to see everyone who matters in the industry.