Review of Traffic Geyser

The other day someone mentioned a new service, Traffic Geyser, that claimed top results in Google through online video distribution.

The software itself is pretty basic – it basically provides an interface that allows you to upload a video file, add data that will be passed on to the video sharing site, and then submit the file to a number of video sharing sites. It isn’t fundamentally different than a list of links to major video sharing sites except you save time by only uploading the video once (whether that is worth $100 per month is questionable in my mind).

The concept is not really that radical actually. SEO software (like Web Position Gold) does the same thing with Web sites and Web search engines, and more recently I’ve seen a number of services that aggregate links and pass data to social bookmark sites like Social Poster.

Traffic Geyser simply saves you a bit of time adding video to video sharing sites, and if I were in the online video business I might even consider buying their software – if it were $20 for a lifetime license (as opposed to the ridiculous price tag of $100 per month).

What I found to be a bit snake-oilish was the claim on their Web site that “Pay Per Click isn’t the answer.” They show a few case studies where high performing videos rank #1 in Google for targeted keywords.

In my experience I haven’t seen a lot of online businesses make a living out of selling high results in Google and proclaiming that customers didn’t need to purchase Google ads. In fact, that is tantamount to writing an e-mail to Google asking them to blacklist you.

That being said, a few things I want to address here.

1. Videos can perform well in search – if they have backlinks

Traffic Geyser is not lying when they say that pages in video sharing sites can perform well in Google’s organic search. Video sharing sites like YouTube and Google Video are going to be interwoven with domains that have a lot of PageRank to pass around. In fact, if you run a query for “PRWeb in Plain English” in Google you will see that the YouTube results rank #1 and #2.

Now here is the catch – the high performance of these videos is primarily the result of the links pointing to the URL hosting the videos. We launched these videos as part of a broader marketing campaign that involved distribution of PRWeb press releases with the embedded video and posting of the video to a number of blogs.

Over time, the links pointing to the video page made that page a good candidate for a top result in Google. That is something that Traffic Geyser neglects to tell you however – that you can put your content out there, but someone has to care enough to link to it if you want long term results, which leads me to my next point.

2. Videos can perform well in search – if they have good, relevant content

Traffic Geyser sells their $100 per month subscription with royalty-free images and a “slideshow creator” that allow you to produce “video without a camera.” Basically, they want to give people the tools to come up with anything that can be uploaded into video sharing sites.

If content doesn’t matter to you, your customers, or your brand, then this approach will probably work. Otherwise, you may want to think a little more carefully before you start driving people to your content.

When we wanted to create our video content, we went out and hired Common Craft, one of the most talented production teams out there (who have also done video work for a little company called Google). We wanted to make sure that the thousands of people who were going to see our video, left with a good impression of our brand and a desire to enter into a long-term relationship with us.

That being said – we didn’t spend a fortune on the production budget and we were the first client that contracted them to make a video. We found them because they were creating some great independent materials on social media technologies. One idea? Go out onto video sharing sites and see who is creating great video content in your space.

At the end of the day, you might be able to get a top result for a short amount of time but if the traffic that is flowing through search engines to your content sees shoddy craftsmanship – what is that going to tell them about your brand or product and more importantly, what do you think they are likely to do? Would your typical consumer entrust their business to a company when their only impression of that company was a video that looked like it was made by a fifth grader in two hours?

If you care about your brand or your company, you may want to consider what it is you are putting out there for public consumption. Additionally, good video content is going to get you more back links and better placement in search over the long haul.

3. You don’t need to upload your video to 25 different video sharing sites

On principle, I’m not crazy about software that goes and pushes content to a number of different social media sites with no regard for the etiquette of those sites. In practice, it simply isn’t effective. You are better off focusing on one or two of the top video sharing sites than getting your video onto 15 or 20 different ones.

Again, over the long haul one of your goals is to make your video on YouTube perform well. If you have your video spread out over 15 or 20 sites, then your links are also going to be spread out. Would you rather have one YouTube video with 100 back-links or 20 videos dispersed with 5 back-links each? Let me put this another way – would you rather have a page 1 result in Google or dominate pages 5-6?

4. You’re better off not spamming video sharing sites or pissing off Google

I’ve sort of alluded to this already, but I’m really not crazy about the idea of blasting off some crap content to a bunch of video sharing sites on principal alone. The idea behind these video sharing sites is that the infrastructure is present to create a two-way flow of communication between you and the people you are interested in connecting with. The video is the vessel that carries your message to your intended audience but it isn’t just a one-way message because people can comment on your YouTube video, add it to their blogs, and even write directly back to you – in text and with video submissions! You can also build out your network in video sharing sites and over time, people will subscribe to your channel and be immediately notified when you upload new videos.

Participating in social media can be a way of creating real connections with customers, stakeholders, etc. when done correctly. When abused, it normally doesn’t end well for the perpetrator.

At any rate, my overall perception of Traffic Geyser is that some guys in San Diego cobbled together some software and are selling it for $100 per month and going on a marketing blitzkrieg, claiming top results in Google. It is snake oil – the latest craze and it will be antiquated in the next six months leaving Traffic Geyser customers feeling disappointed and the Traffic Geyser owners feeling happy because they just made millions of dollars by teaching people how to make terrible video content and spam the Internet.

Remember – all those social media sites are free to use. When approached properly they can perform even perform well in search. Just make sure that when people come to your content, there is something for them to see.

My advice – if you have $1200 to spare (the cost of Traffic Geyser over 12 months) use the money and buy a camera or take a class and learn how to build your own great piece of video content. It isn’t that hard. Alternatively, think about hiring out a local production firm or even a local freelancer – and upload your video to the top two or three video sharing sites yourself.

You can also announce it using embedded video in a PRWeb press release 😉



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  1. on March 18, 2008 #

    I do agree… $100 a month is a lot for that service however many people would find it useful especially if they don’t understand SEO. There is a market for everything… Even Snake Oil!

  2. Mike
    on May 29, 2008 #

    I personally use this service and am pleased, to say the least, with the results. Also, if you look you’ll see that there are three levels of membership the entry level being like $39.00/mo or something not $100. I agree that if you have NO marketing budget submitting to just YouTube or similar site may be your only option and better than nothing, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater here. AdWords COST MONEY TOO! This service WORKS! And it works fast. Thanks for listening. And I’m not only the Hair Club president, I’m also a client.


  3. on June 17, 2008 #

    It seems to me that reviewer is correct in everything they say.

    This product seems to be more of a corporate Ecommerce department “nice to play with” product – than anything useful, relevant, economical to the small guy who has to watch his profit margins.

    Hundreds of dollars is a lot of money – unless it is obvious that you would make a significant return. The USP of rapid publishing of video seems a bit weak to me.

    Brand Killer Robots

  4. on September 4, 2008 #

    Thanks for this great review. I have known about Traffic Geyser for over a year now, & have to say that I was put off at the high monthly costs.

    I use which submits to over a dozen sites for FREE.

    So on that basis I am reluctant to use them. Also I am sceptical about there claims. I agree you could rank well quickly with NON competitive key words however those that are even slighly competitive it would be hard to rank well with.

    Simon Stepsys (UK)

    • on February 1, 2013 #

      I’ve email them twice stating that I want to use their service and I have not heard from them. Do they not have customer service or sales rep?


  5. on October 9, 2008 #

    Thanks for this comprehensive review and analysis of not just the Traffic Geyser service, but video marketing in general.

    I’m with Simon on this, $99 per month DOES seem like a tall order when Tubemogul automates the video submission process for free.

    I also think that it is worth learning how to do video marketing properly, as that is one of my favorite sources of traffic and, in my opinion, the best way to ‘pre-sell’ to your prospects. Quantity of content is important for getting out there on the internet, but QUALITY of content is even more important, since this is your first, and perhaps only, chance to reach out and connect with your visitors.


    Rob Hunter

  6. on January 7, 2009 #

    The trick is in the back links and relevence, someone needs to teach and encourage that rather than spamming.

  7. on February 5, 2009 #

    Traffic geyser should lower their prices just a tad…

    if there was no tubemogul then I would say that their prices made sense.

    But sense tubemogul does about half of what traffic geyser does for free then… It seems like a furthere stretch to $100 a month.

    I love tubemogul and traffic geyser both.

    Obviously traffic geyser is better though!


  8. on February 5, 2009 #

    I have been using Traffic Geyser since day 1 and I really do love it. I use the $97 Gold Service, but I also use the Traffic Geyser Affiliate Program to earn money too. I use Traffic Geyser to promote itself and I consistently earn $400-$500 each month from it. So it’s a no brainer for me. Sure you can get a little spammy with it, but is that not the name of the game these days if you don’t wanna be a loser? I don’t think it pisses Google of at all, if that was the case why would they index the stuff so quick? My record is a #1 in Google in 4 minutes and a sale within 10 mins! As I say a no brainer.
    Rick Lomas

  9. on February 20, 2009 #

    I am currently thinking of giving it a try, the mixed reviews make me abit vary tho…

    I am currently studying the Quick Video Marketing course which claims to teach you how to “dominate video marketing” in any given niche…

    not sure if it will deliver tho,however.. perhaps it may hopefully may shine some light to the best way forward regarding this


  10. on May 24, 2009 #

    Thanks for this comprehensive review and analysis. While I feel this was a very well constructed and informative post, I feel some key pieces of information was left out. By having yours video sent to 90 different video sharing sites you are creating back links pointing back to the blog or video. That will increase Google ranking alone. Factor in (I’m not sure if this can hurt you in the long run) that they re-render so it is not duplicate content and resubmit the content 4 more times for a total of 360 back links in a short period of time.

    I believe our services change the lives of people for the better. People don’t need to have a fancy camera or crew to put together a quality video if they have great content and use Camtasia. At the end of the day it comes down to, what is my time worth?

    If I had to time myself I would say submitting to 90 sites would take me probably a minimum of 2 hours and 25 minutes and that is if I average 1.5 minutes per submission.

    If you do 30 videos a month or 1 per day that would be 67.5 hours for that much effort. My time is worth far more than $1.48/hour.

  11. on May 25, 2009 #


    I’ve met Herschy from Quick Video Marketing, and Mike from Traffic Geyser 2 times each. The software works, and does A LOT more than just the video submission. The sales letter doesn’t justify what it does. After seeing it presented on stage, I’m a lot more “aware” of what’s going on with it. I was like, “heck no, I ain’t getting this”… before Mike did his presentation… Then after I wanted it… Already doing GREAT without it, just using video.. So it’s a great addition, just need to know how to use it.

  12. on May 26, 2009 #

    Traffic Geyser and TubeMogul are both great services but be careful. Regardless of the price as referred to by other commenters here it’s about saving time. A true internet marketer values their time. If I can upload a video once and have it displayed all over the internet that gives me extra time to write articles or make phone calls, etc.

    However, recent changes in youtube may cause difficulties. Recently many of my fellow internet marketers were kicked off youtube indefinitely. Youtube is by far the number one video site in the world and it’s a great marketing tool for your business. Traffic Geyser and TubeMogul both allow you to uncheck youtube as a site to use when uploading. You may want to do it until this all unfolds. Then again the other sites tend to follow the leader when it comes to this type of thing. They have not yet.

    Yes I know many of the people kicked off were also doing other things such as using bots to pump up their views and doing other things to artificially rank their videos higher. The point is anything that is unnatural is disliked by Google. Google has more PHDs in computer science and software than any company in the world. If you can buck the system you are smarter than I. Be careful.

  13. on July 13, 2009 #

    No one mentions anything about TrafficGeyser’s ‘Silver’ service which supposedly costs $47 instead of $97 for the Gold service. Does anyone know what the differences are? What does the Silver service exclude? Maybe that would be a good compromise for those who think the $97 is to steep.

  14. on August 4, 2009 #

    I’m going to try out their Trial offer & see what I think.

    I’ll report back and see if it’s something that’s worth.

    I’ve heard nothing but great things but this review definitely makes me think about some things.

    Thanks for it!

  15. on August 9, 2009 #

    Traffic Geyser is a rip off and works very badly at best.

    They give you a free trial but then it takes you two months to get the videos
    made (at least). We wasted a lot of money and time on this and two different
    tech guys could not get it to work for more than about 1/2 the sites it was meant
    to load to. Our websites don’t seem to list at all.

    I also travelled along way yesterday to hear a free conference on social network
    marketing and after being bored for 5 hours guess what, it was all a set up to
    sell Traffic Geyser? My husband and I left.

    We sell very inexpensive ebooks helping couples in abusive relationships and we
    give away as many books as we sell. We get hundreds of testimonials but at the
    moment Google takes the lions share of what we earn. I have spent month and months
    and months doing stuff that was meant to improve our ranking in Google and over time
    it has only got worse. How are we meant to get our message out I wonder? We hired
    PR agents as well but guess what the newspapers and TV now are only interested in
    celebrities and not a solution for domestic violence.

    I liked the ideas here and they make sense. I will work on backlinks to my movies
    in Youtube and keep hoping something will happen.

    If anyone reading this can truly help us please search for Kim and Steve Cooper on You tube and leave a comment. We really do need some help.

  16. on September 13, 2009 #

    I too have been put of by traffic Geyser’s hefty price tag. I have had some good results with a service called which I guess falls somewhere in between TubeMogul and Traffic Geyser. I think a diverse linking stratergy is the best approach and tend to video marketing as part of this.

  17. on September 21, 2009 #

    Funny because used correctly, traffic geyser really can make you money IF, and only IF, you sell something or have an offer at the end of your video driving people to a landing page to capture leads and putting them in a sales funnel. If you are not doing that, everything is pricey bc your not making money. Traffic Geyser has alot of features that were not mentioned here. I met with the CEO of traffic geyser this weekend, and was extremely impressed by the additions to the utility, and the speed at which things are happening at traffic geyser.

    I personally don’t think its that expensive at all for all it does, especially if you consider the time and money involved in loading up to all those sites individually v at once.

    Having attended a seminar with several top internet marketers, I can tell you that what trafffic Geyser is doing and continues to develop is on track with getting more traffic to your site, and selling more. Frank Kurns likes it, and no one has made more money on the internet following his multimillion dollar sales day he did. Tony Robbins just endorsed it, and I know Brian Tracy is working with them as well. THey are obvouisly doing something right to have high caliber folks like that working with them.

  18. Karsten Keese
    on September 22, 2009 #

    The funny thing …

    … with all those spam…, eh, online marketers is that they only look at tools produced by industry gurus, which are always ridiculously overpriced. Any monthly price for a software is too much when you compare it to software outside the online marketing industry. Worse, as soon as you stop paying the monthly rip-off, you can no longer use their program at all, whereas normal shareware continues to work, just that you don’t get the latest update/version any longer.

    For the purpose of uploading videos to video hosting sites, there is an incredible number of freeware and shareware programs out there, and none of them, not even the most expensive software, costs $39 × 12 per year. Sure, these programs don’t come with spam bot functionality, but everything needed to provide and promote decent content honestly is in there.

    The sooner all the trash and spam is weeded out by Google & Co., the better. We are all customers of thousands of companies and products but only working for one — if I can find real, better results sooner, without having to wade through tons of rehashed, copied and repeated dirt to get to them, this will benefit all of us in terms of quality of life.

    Try to think outside the box, folks, and in the end, those who deserve it will still thrive despite — or because of — not spamming the world with irrelevant BS to sell overpriced crap.

    Good luck to all of you and thanks for your attention.

  19. on October 9, 2009 #

    @ Rick Lomas

    I doubt if you’re going to see this comment because it’s been a while since you posted. You say you achieved #1 in 10 minutes. Is that for your video or the website you’re promoting/backlinking with the video?

    If it was the website, that would be really awesome, but I get the feeling it was the video – in which case it would probably not matter if you submit it manually or through traffic geyser.

    Is there anybody who got the backlinking benefits – improved your website rankings using traffic geyser?


  20. on October 28, 2009 #

    I have used Traffic Geyser for nearly a year now. I have to say that it has generated great results for my clients. There is a steep learning curve as far as operation goes, but if you put the time in it will pay off.

    TG does times submissions, so it does not spam in the manner which some purists seem to kneejerk about. Plus, the creators of TG preface this feature quite well.

    Traffic Geyser does not seem to be as effective on large, national/global campaigns. It will simply not outweigh the server strength on large brands and large markets. However, if you have the ability to target a locally oriented NICHE market, you will find the program to be HIGHLY effective, if you do your keyword research properly. The problem is, the program is not simple, it requires some training. If you do not have some experience with SEO in general you will get in the weeds fast. If you have done your homework however, you will find it an effective tool.

  21. on December 13, 2009 #

    I agree with your frank assessment of Traffic Geyser.. They are holding a launch now on the back of someone using their service to blast out videos for use in promoting businesses who don’t know how to market their product… all very well and good but the blueprint is easy to digest and do without spending $100 a month! Creating crap slideshow videos and uploading to video sharing sites is obviously an easy way to attract views..but maybe not traffic!
    there are a number of businesses now offering the videos pre-made for you to promote on the video sharing sites, but are people gonna get pissed off seeing the same video doing the rounds?..hmm..

    Good review by the way, keep up the good work


  22. Pete
    on December 17, 2009 #

    Well guys…. the stakes are even higher now. This new launch of using traffic geyser to help local business get a high google ranking, and then keep doing more videos for each business/client every month to keep the content relevant and recent, now costs $1997.

    Forget $100 a month, or lower.

    But it’s only on offer till Thursday 17th Dec 09. What’s your views?


  23. on December 22, 2009 #

    I’ve been trying to understand the difference between trafficgeyser and tubemogul. A friend of mine signed up for their service and I logged on and scanned the support page to find in the FAQ someone asking that exact question. Unfortunately, there’s no answer to it. :(

    I really like the comments being made about how a video distribution site may get you views but it won’t give you conversions unless the content of the video is compelling. To help people produce better content, I’ve been producing tutorial videos for anyone who’s interested and posting them to betterinternetvideo-dot-com. Would love to hear feedback from people who are out there digging in their heals in an effort to make video work for them. My goal is to keep the content free so that I might be able to eventually attract some sponsors to the page.


  24. Jiyan
    on December 27, 2009 #

    My general impression is that TubeMogul is a solution for more experienced marketers who are looking for a solution to support an ongoing video marketing strategy. It has more advanced analytics and functionality than Traffic Geyser, which is more of an SMB video marketing starters kit.

  25. on December 31, 2009 #

    I am goin to try the tubemogul route, to begin with, to see if the photo to oil painting keyword will rank. Thank you all for your review and comments.

  26. on January 2, 2010 #

    Never have I seen so many get it so wrong. I have been using Traffic Geyser since the beginning. I have to tell you, it’s fantastic..
    If you are just in it for a hobby maybe it’s not for you but if you plan on making a living, it’s all right there in the Traffic Geyser program.
    1. If you follow the very simple instructional videos setup and learning is a breeze.
    2. If you are taking months to make a video, you have missed the entire concept.
    Try using a 5 slide power point presentation.
    3. Look at you location in the search engines before and a couple weeks after submitting.
    If you don’t see substantial improvement, you did something wrong.
    Over a year ago I submitted a video for a local restaurant. He was on page 7 in Google. Three days later he was in position 1 with 5 more of his videos on page 1. Now one year later he only has 1 video in position 10 on page 1 and his website is #1. There are no other restaurants on page 1, only those annoying directories that lead you to irrelevant locations.
    I have done this over and over for clients with similar success results.
    Think about this. Right now I am discounting my setup fees to $300 to $500 and I $190 per month to maintain with a 6 month commitment. (Some projects start small like this and grow into sizable bids.) Businesses are signing up with little resistance. My goal is 108 clients. 108 x $190 = $20,520 x 12 months = $246,240.00 per year. No I haven’t achieved it yet but I’m getting there. (And that is not including the setup fees.)
    I do SEO for a living. This is one of the first tools I use for a client and they are blown away when the next day they start to see their videos in the search results. SEO is a process and this is one of the most powerful tools I have seen.

  27. on January 4, 2010 #

    I just purchased the full package (training, hands-on, etc) for $2000 through one of the Steve Harrison interviews with the Traffic Geyser CEO. So, it is very expensive and i hope the full package and handholding is worth that kind of premium.

    Can i assume that tools like instantvideogenerator are not necessary in addition? I am taking Alex M’s course on teleseminars.

  28. on February 28, 2010 #

    I must say this is a very honest review, refreshing to say the least. I have not used the service because of the sticker shock price tag. I may in the future though because I have heard wonderful things about it from some very successful marketers. They are affiliates and basically get it for free anyway because it only takes 3 subscribers! For now Tubemogul is a good choice because it’s free:)

    Thanks for the information!


  29. Scott
    on March 12, 2010 #

    I agree with Dave (1-2-10). I have been working with TG since December with great results for my clients. It took several weeks to get a printer service business with 3 videos on page 1 with the number 1, 2, 4, 7, 9 and 10 with several different keywords. It does take work with the first time setup for the profiles but you should work that into a setup fee for new clients. I used ROBOFORM Pro for this and I blew through it pretty quick. I did my own internet video marketing business with great results too. Page 1 with the number 1, 2 and 5th position with 1 video and a great keyword.

    I checked out tube mogul and their free service does not even come close to what TG offers. TM has a premium service too. You think TG is expensive. Check it out.

    Another thing is SEO and Keyword research. I have the tools for that too. I use Keyword Elite and Market Samuria. You need tools do do a business. That’s just the cost of doing business.

  30. on April 15, 2010 #

    Wow. I wanted some information on Traffic Geyser, but I came here expecting an affiliate review promoting the product. Instead I got honesty…. wow… what a concept! Thanks. What you are saying makes sense on several levels. I’ll be back.

  31. on April 17, 2010 #

    I tried out TG for the free trial period and found that it struggled to login to many of the sites. Maybe managed 30% of them including the article sites which was a joke.

    I’m not stupid and I know how to fill out forms and sign up to sites properly. I think the sites have got wise to TG and have found ways of blocking TG. I’d be interested to know what anyone else thinks of my theory.

  32. on April 26, 2010 #

    @ Dave Garnish thanks mate. I was wondering now-a-days what is the real difference between TG and but from what I figured your right about TG and social media sites catching on and changing. I wouldnt think that you would need to distribute your content to more than the top 6 video sites and the top 10 social media sites.

    I was intending on joining but I might stick to the free stuff for now.


  33. Donna
    on April 27, 2010 #

    If you’re looking at Traffic Geyser as only a video submission tool then your review would be accurate. However, you seem to be completely overlooking all of the other advantages of the system: the training on HOW to make good relevant content, HOW to do keyword research and SEO optimization, HOW to generate leads by making a squeeze page, the FAQ seminars and training, and all of the other help and bonuses that come with the system.

    I have intently researched the internet marketing field as well as SEO over the past year and I can tell you that there are a lot of SEO’s out there that are highly ineffective when it comes to optimization. How do I know? Because I have seen some of their results, and when I, as a newbie, have applied what I’ve learned from TG on keyword research and optimization, get drastically higher results than they have; then there’s obviously something to be said about the system. It’s not just a video submission tool . . . you have to take the time to look at and learn from everything the system has to offer.

    As far as I’m concerned it’s a great product if you use it to the fullest advantage; and what drew me to it was the fact that Mike Koenigs gave away so much free training and information BEFORE he even mentioned the product . . . at least in the way that I first found him on the internet. He gives away valuable information much more than anyone else I have seen during my research on the internet.

    To each his own I guess, but you get out of it what you put into it; and when you use it to it’s fullest advantage and take the time to learn and study the system, then yes, you do have an edge over all those other programs that claim to the same thing. I’ve compared results and I’m totally happy with this system!

  34. Francisco
    on May 6, 2010 #

    I’ve just got TG recently and have very little if any internet marketing experience and have found it very easy to sign up for each and every one of the sites in TG. Mind you I am no internet marketing stud and have had about only 2 months of exposure to internet marketing period. To sign up for the sites simply go to them and register as you would any normal site its not a tricky process at all. Also for the record I registered to all of them on May 4th 2010 and had no problems whatsoever. Try again. I’m sure it will be worth it, it just may be a little time consuming but as others mention earlier you can buy a premade profile which is def. worth and I will def. do in the future. Because as someone also mentioned earlier time is money.

  35. Russell
    on May 17, 2010 #

    I am doing research right now to determine what company to use to do internet video marketing. The comments of all the above people are greatly appreciated. I will report back after I have jumped into the marketing pool and gotten some experience. Thankyou.

  36. on May 20, 2010 #

    Thanks for the heads-up. At first TG seemed kind of enticing. Now it looks like a scam.

    A hundred bucks a month for a service that helps you spam? No thanks. Truth is, a stitch in time saves nine. The winning formula is and always will be quality over quantity.

    Produce quality content and develop quality relationships on social networks, and the traffic will take care of itself.

  37. tony toni
    on May 22, 2010 #

    hi i wanted to try tg but by time i got round to it , it has been taken off the site , so listening to the differen reviews unsure now what to do and how to use it or even if to go for it i am in a dilemma .

  38. Eric
    on May 28, 2010 #

    How do you puchase Traffic Geyser services?

    When you go the the site and click through it says they are not accepting new customers?

    How you sell this as an affiliate product if they do not accept new customers?

    Please inform, Thank you


  39. on June 2, 2010 #

    Hey Dave (Jan 2nd 2010)
    When i grow up i want to be like you…(in case you’ve forgotten see your comment below)

    I have the site to start an SEO business…but was thinking of going higher with pricing…but Q do you just use TG or do you do other stuff…???? I’d love to hear from you as to how you upsell to bigger bids —john at findlocalcustomersonline dot com

    And I am assuming you are going to outsource the actual leg work as 100 clients even if its easy will take quite some time…

    Think about this. Right now I am discounting my setup fees to $300 to $500 and I $190 per month to maintain with a 6 month commitment. (Some projects start small like this and grow into sizable bids.) Businesses are signing up with little resistance. My goal is 108 clients. 108 x $190 = $20,520 x 12 months = $246,240.00 per year. No I haven’t achieved it yet but I’m getting there. (And that is not including the setup fees.)

  40. on July 16, 2010 #

    I personally used Traffic Geyser for the trial period and had a problem when submitting articles. They turned up on article sites something like this:

    Article Title: SEO %_- Search %Optimizaion

    I’d rather stick to neat, clean typing that happens when I personally submit my articles.

  41. John
    on July 18, 2010 #

    I have used TG for sometime now. I am not happy with their results. i was ranked on first page and then lost it. i have since loaded different videos and notice that i now need to go back and fix the log in for different videos. I did this before but is will show as broken or pass word is not correct. Very frustrating, their tech support will just tell you to watch a video and you must figure what went wrong. Not happy at all.

  42. Steve
    on July 22, 2010 #

    With TG many internet businesses will never recoup their money because they simply don’t have all the pieces in place and getting traffic geyser will not fix that. This problem is especially bad if someone attends a seminar for TG (very expensive). To be an ethical professional in the internet marketing world people need to test 1) The product idea and market size, 2) The product, 3) The potential conversion rate”. You do not need TG to test these things. Anyone that tells you otherwise is naive at best. The TG folks have certainly had thousands of customers pay them $100 for several months that will never make a dime. That is the TG marketing plan. These people should have been turned away by a series of ethical warnings and refunded if they failed to make these warning clear to their customers prior to purchase. $100 for a one month error is a lot of money for the company and a rip off for most internet business that have no reasonable conversion rate. And, to say that TG videos will pre-sell the customers and create the necessary conversion rate is a lot of BS. You don’t need TG to create a simple video and test it.


  43. on October 4, 2010 #

    Unfortunately, I have not tried Traffic Geyser yet. I plan on it in the near future. Since this original review posting, my understanding is that Mike Koenigs and his team have made changes that address and solve several of the concerns raised here…except the price.

    What I haven’t seen here is this: Tubemogal is very strict about WHAT content you send out by using their service, no matter HOW professional the video looks! It’s great to do a video like, “How to bake a cake in 3 simple steps.”

    However, it’s not good to do a video like, “How to start an online business in 3 simple steps” because it goes against their T of A.

    I can only assume that a lot of people on this thread are of the Offline/Online Marketing arena or expertise and experience. If that’s the case, then most of what we accomplish in a video campaign CANNOT be sent by Tubemogal or your account will be suspended indefinitely.

    Just letting the community know.


  44. on December 4, 2010 #

    Dont use TG it’s a scam i have been used and it’s not different than other sharing video site

  45. on December 14, 2010 #

    I’m actually looking at their newest product – Search Engine Marketing Machine – and while the videos are compelling and intriguing, I’m left wondering what real content is there.

    Ideally, I’d like to see the system in action – more than just an associates face on a webcam while they create profile after profile. I’d like to see how they interact with the system, how they use the system, what social media profiles it can set up, what managing capabilities it has and other things like that.

    They are trying to get 3K out of this new system…but is it really worth it?

  46. on December 18, 2010 #

    I’m with Jeff H… I watched the SMMM presentation and was ALMOST convinced but it left me thinking if this is so good why not demonstrate it working from scratch – we never saw it MAKE ANY MONEY !!! – All that retoric about a web site in fifteen minutes (WordPress gives you one in less than that), fluffing it up with PDF documents and making money the same day – well it was stretching my belief for the price. These guys sure know to to hype a product launch but you still gotta have something to sell and a willing market it to sell to !

    Not so sure now !

  47. on December 21, 2010 #

    Great article. I will try traffic geyser and see if it will help me. I think it is also good to have great traffic for a site.

  48. on December 30, 2010 #

    I was searching for the price of traffic geyser, and am so glad I came across this review. I got my answer and a ton of associated info to consider before making a decision. Thanks so much for the honest review.

  49. on February 2, 2011 #

    Great post! All different aspects broadly explained. Thank you!

  50. on February 3, 2011 #

    Thanks for the advice regarding Traffic Geyer. I’ve been using TubeMogul and was trying to decide whether it was worth even contemplating Traffic Geyer. I think at this time it’s simply best to pick a list of your favorite video sharing sites and just submit them manually.

  51. on February 8, 2011 #

    I like this Traficgeyser… and i am a geezer :)

  52. Blake
    on February 17, 2011 #

    Its been almost 3 years since you wrote this and Traffic Geyser and its customers are still going strong. How is it going for you :)

    I think I’ll sign up and use it for my customers so it won’t be that expensive.

  53. on March 21, 2011 #

    When I went from PPC to organic, I hired Traffic Geyser for my Video and Article submission. I was very, very displeased with their program.

    After a week of uploading 5 videos, one actually was up-loaded (without a title). and after a week only two articles were uploaded to 3 article directories.

    In addition, I listened to their webinar, which was worthless. They hustled their affilaite program and gave very little information on organic marketing.

    After doing some research on my own. It’s not how many links you have, but the quality of those links. So, I went back and analyzed Traffic Geysers page article submission websites mannually through FireFox and found the true page rank and Alexa ranking for those sites. Out of 18 articles sumission sites only 2 out of 18 sites had a page rank and Alexa rating worth keeping. In the video directories, only 2 out 18 video directories had a page rank of 8 or greater.

    I even checked out Heyspread. What a joke. After 17-hours it could not even upload one video to 5 video directories. So, I decided to do this totally free.

    I examined the top 13 article directories with the highest page rank and Alexa ranking. I cast out 3 sites for having a difficult editorial guidline…and endedup with the top 10 article directories. When I submit my article, it will go to the highest page rank directories…and Google will pay attention. Most of the Traffic Geyser article directories had very low page rank…such as 0.

    In the video directories, only 2 out 18 video directors had high page rank. So, I had to build my own selection. I choose the highest page ranks out the top 10…and come up with the top 5.

    In addition, I needed additional links from blogs that had only “follow attributes” and purchased a software program to analyze and make comments and add my links to blogs with follow attributes.

    So, my best advice is tell all these compnies to hit the road, and do this yourself.

  54. on April 2, 2011 #

    Hello from Ireland. Was going to use this service so I found this quite useful. I have some video content on CD and DVD which I was hoping to get out there but not sure that this is the best way. Duplication on some of the sites is a worry as well if you use a few different services. I think I will try TubeMogul to see how that goes. Although I have a friend in Scotland who uses this and he seems very pleased.

  55. on April 5, 2011 #

    I signed up with them, took days to get logged in and when we needed support it was awful. Then we tried to cancel and they just ignored the ticket, each time we log into support and see it closed, we add a comment to it, and then they go close it again. This is either a case of extreme arrogance or their system is rubbish!

  56. on May 26, 2011 #

    Lots of mixed reviews. I am just testing it out myself. I’ll be back with my opinion on it.

  57. on June 8, 2011 #

    Thanks for the comprehensive and thorough analysis on this software. I haven’t tried the trial yet for TG, but I think I am going to check it out now. I feel that video marketing is a very important aspect of any marketing strategy, and like anything it depends on how much you use the software to justify the price. If you are an average user then it probably isn’t for you it sounds like, but if you are a large player in video marketing then it is definitely worth your time.

    Thanks again everyone!

  58. on July 25, 2011 #

    I have been receiving their marketing emails and boy can these guys sell their own product(s). How to sell marketing to marketing! I haven’t trialled the program for the fear of it being a content spam generator, the rules haven’t really changed over the last 10 years. Submit original copy and content manually. 3rd party programs to access sites has always been frowned up as they are non human. Only contradiction here is being able to use the likes of Oath to access sites by loging in using a third party account such as facebook ect ect.

    The whole new world of seo is far more complicated these days if not a million times more competitive. Yet, that said Matt Cutts always makes things very simple. As has been pointed out by a few comments on this most excellent article, content is for the internet community and they want quality content in one place, not duplicated across the internet cluttering it up. Make a site authoritive enough and the right people will keep coming to it. Multiple distribution systems can only be spammy and lead to blacklistings, surely.

    Thanks for the great review and pretty much sealed my thoughts on not reviewing this product. Manual submitting all over again :)


  59. on August 25, 2011 #

    Thanks for the honest review. I have considered Traffic Geyser but the expense stopped me. I also wonder about the possibility of spam. How does TG account for this? Does it allow you to customize titles and descriptions for each submission and is this totally necessary for search engines anyway?

  60. on October 14, 2011 #

    I totally agree. I’ve used TG in the past, or certainly reviewed it on behalf of some of my Perth Website Development clients. Bottom line is as you say. It’s a little bit expensive for what it is. You are much better off doing the work yourself and concentrating your effors on getting strong traffic from one or two good quality sources than dozens of average ones.

    Good post.

    Keep up the good work.


    Brent Price

  61. on July 3, 2012 #

    Traffic Geyser in today’s world of social media marketing needs to add more value to the service for the price they are charging compared to the wide choice of systems that are available today.


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